The Magical MRF2S-8SD010

The Magical MRF2S-8SD010

Why it’s Magical

One of my favorite devices to specify when specifying a Lutron Vive system is the MRF2S-8SD010. It combines the power of Vive with the traditional look and feel of a Maestro dimmer. This dimmer occupancy sensor is a real powerhouse. The MRF2S-8SD010 helps achieve energy code compliance in both new construction and remodel situations . It can be used in small or medium sized spaces, connects to 0-10V dimming fixtures, and can control  up to an 8 amp load. 

I use this when I want to reduce the number of devices in a space or don’t have an easily accessible area in the ceiling to install a dimming power pack. It’s also perfect in scenarios where you have existing connections in your wall and are retrofitting to new fixtures. 

You can pair MRF2S-8SD010 with Lutron’s wireless occupancy sensors, wireless daylighting sensors and receptacle plug load controls to complete your system. With minimal installation effort and less bulky materials, you can meet your code requirements very easily.

The Magic in Action

Let’s use this enclosed office space as an example and build our bill of materials with Lutron’s easy to use Lutron Designer+. The chart to the right shows what Title 24 energy code compliance requirements I need to meet, and what the Lutron VIVE solution is (using our magical MRF2S-8SD010). 

The dotted lines represent the wireless communication connections between devices, while the solid purple lines represent the load connections.

Instead of using a RMJS-8TN powpak and a Pico control, we used the MRF2S-8SD010 for the lighting loads in the enclosed offices as well as the corridor, kitchen and conference room. With one device we’re able to meet Title 24’s dimming, occupancy sensing and user control requirement! Once that has been taken care of, we can add Lutron’s VIVE Wireless Receptacle and a wireless ceiling mount motion sensor to address plug load control requirements. This office space doesn’t require daylight harvesting (the total wattage in the glazing area is less than 120W, which is a Title 24 exception) so we didn’t include one.

VIVE Components and Their Function
CA Title 24 Energy Code RequirementLutron Vive Solution NowLutron Vive Solution ThenFunction
Controls load. Will receive signal from wireless devices and act accordingly.
Occupancy SensingLRF2-OCR2BSameDetects motion and sends signal to load controllers or wireless receptacles, triggering lights on or off.
Plug Load ControlCAR2S-20STR or CAR2S-20DTRRMJS-20R 
+ receptacle
Receives signal from LRF2-OCR2B for on or off.
Daylight Harvesting*LRF2-DCRBSameDetects light level and sends signal to load controllers.
Based on the California 2016 Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards Part 6 Chapter 5.
*Not required for this project.

The Takeaway

Before the MRF2S-8SD010 was added to the Lutron VIVE product offering, we would need to use (at a minimum) two additional VIVE components to comply with code requirements. Using the MRF2S-8SD010 simplifies the bill of materials, installation and even programming needed on a project by simply reducing the amount of items required.

The Lighting Control Freaks at LITE RITE are constantly looking for ways to specify systems creatively and save time and money on projects while complying with Title 24 Energy Code requirements. Check back soon for more articles on how we do it!

About the Author

Catherine’s passion is creating and delivering valued lighting and controls solutions to her clients. An engineer by trade, she works to understand the project as a whole and encourage her teams to do the same. Catherine encourages and empowers her team to think in layers, and ask a lot of questions. She strongly believes that by understanding a project’s construction and her client’s vision, LITE RITE can offer more valuable solutions.

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