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RA2 Select

Lutron has recently introduced a new system that sits in between their RadioRA 2 and Caséta system. It’s call the RA2 Select. RA2 Select has integrated the best from both systems and put it into a package that is more affordable to customers that seeks the flexibility of RadioRA 2 at lower prices. It also uses the Caséta phone app to do the programming, making it much easier for the end user to play around with their scenes.

RA2 Select uses all the existing RadioRA 2 devices such as the Maestro dimmers and PICO wireless control. However, seeTouch keypads and RF modules and wireless occupancy or daylight sensors are not yet available. It uses a different repeater called the RA2 Select main repeater, which is the equivalent of the main repeater plus the Lutron connect bridge in one module. This helps customers saves money because they no longer need to buy two separate components to do the same thing. It can host 100 devices total in a system and can have up to 4 wireless repeaters to extend the wireless range.

RA2 Select is using the “Lutron Caséta & RA2 Select App” to do all its programmings available to Android or iOS devices. This makes programming a lot easier than RadioRA 2 as that system you will need to have a computer with proper software to program and create/edit scenes of your home.

RA2 Select is also extremely easy to upgrade. If at any point the user decided that they need the seeTouch keypads or any of the sensors that only RadioRA 2 has, all they need to do is the get the RadioRA 2 main repeater and Lutron connect bridge and swap out the RA2 Select main repeater. There will be no extra devices that needs to be replaced therefore saving the home owner a lot of time and money.

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